Lead Management

Increase revenue by understanding your sales leads. Manage and synthesize your lead generation efforts with daily e-mail updates and lead distribution tools. See your conversion rates jump as Conduit’s tracking features help you determine:

  • The most effective sales lead generation approaches
  • The most successful method of response
  • The ideal time to call and more!

Promote prompt follow-ups and prevent leads from being lost or forgotten. Record both consumer and business-to-business lead generation initiatives, and evaluate them in convenient Excel format. Conduit even automatically e-mails your sales team and alerts them to any follow-up initiatives you establish.

What Conduit’s lead management feature can do for you:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of all sales efforts
  • Refine your marketing approach based on incoming lead acquisition data
  • Unify your sales teams with centralized information and universal e-mail updates
  • Refine your understanding of the target demographic as you go
  • Remain on top of the latest trends and implement them quickly
  • Replicate successful campaigns and understand the source of their success
Lead Management