With just a blink of an eye and a touch of a button, consumers around the world have access to webpages full of online content. According to technology market research firm Radicati Group, 4.9 billion email accounts will be in use by 2017. Currently, there are 7.125 billion people in the world, with 85% of that population owning at least one email address account. With that large of a market, it only makes sense to take advantage of the technology industry and participate in email marketing.

According to Email Statistics Report, 100 billion emails are sent and received every day. Developing an email marketing campaign that will stand out among those 100 billion emails can be a difficult task for marketers. To build a successful eMarketing campaign, follow the three Rs:

  1. ReshapeeMarketing has allowed business to trash the traditional “one-size-fits-all” marketing approach and add more of a personal touch. For example, customizing an email with the recipient’s name strengthens the two-way bridge of communication between marketers and consumers. Marketing to a customer that is loyal to the company is cheaper and easier than marketing to a new customer.

    The average attention span is 8 seconds, so you don’t have long to grab a consumer’s attention. What better way to do it than reshaping emails to fit each recipient? According to Brian and Co., a 5% increase in customer retention can increase profitability by 75%. That goes to show, a personalized touch can go a long way in eMarketing.

  2. RetargetPersonalize your company’s settings or allow employees to have full access to every feature. SaaS allows you to choose just what you need to get the job done. Since all employees have their own accounts, each one is tailored to offer just what they need.

    Targeting specific consumers also allows you to pull together your company’s resources and apply them toward a specific focus, improving profitability and increasing your competitiveness. Whether you want to make a strong entry into a new market or maintain your position within a current market, market segmentation allows you to further develop relationships and build communication links with consumers.

  3. RecordKeeping an up-to-date record with data from your current and past campaigns will enable you to better target your audience and develop stronger campaigns in the future. You’ll be better equipped to avoid repetitive marketing, which consumers often interpret as spam. Plus, tracking response rates will allow you to better target and narrow your market down to a prime consumer base. After all, it’s better to spend money on customers who interact with your campaigns rather than those who simply delete the e-blast.

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