Today’s companies have more marketing and promotional collateral than ever before. From flyers and postcards to posters and promotional pieces, the list of materials you can use to promote your business is nearly endless. But with all of these choices, potential problems can arise for marketers. We hear constantly from frustrated professionals who are saddled with cluttered folders, missing images and inconsistent reporting, making it nearly impossible to run an efficient, effective campaign.

Sound familiar? The good news is that you’re not alone. The bad news is that you may be wasting time and money with every passing second. Until you start using a marketing asset management tool, that is.

Marketing asset management (MAM) tools have ushered in a new era of marketing for companies all over the world. These tools allow you to effectively aggregate, store, locate, measure and distribute all of your marketing materials, all in one place. Simply assign users and manage the entire marketing process from a single, web-based tool that allows you to sign on from anywhere.

Conduit was designed by marketers, for marketers, and is providing big benefits for marketers at both large and small companies. Here are the four biggest perks you can expect you’ll enjoy with this MAM tool:

1. Accessibility and centralization

Your email is probably loaded with messages and attachments from the last few years. It’s hard enough to keep up with the deluge of files coming your way each day, let alone find a specific piece of marketing collateral that originated three weeks ago. And let’s not even mention the various servers and file folders your local users are utilizing to store materials that may or may not be up to date.

With a marketing asset management tool, you can store all your marketing materials in one place, easily accessible with just a few clicks. Local producers can log in to Conduit and find exactly what they’re looking for, from postcard templates to contact lists. No more time-wasting searches through dozens of folders and servers – simply log in and find what you need. That’s the power of the cloud.

2. Customization that fits your brand standards

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: It’s late in the day, and you have a piece of marketing collateral due to the printer by 5. But the central image looks blurry, the copy is riddled with typos and you’re fielding calls from a handful of local sales reps with specific customization requests. By the time the deadline hits, you’re ready to throw your hands up and just send the piece as-is.

There’s a better way. With a MAM system, your local producers can create messaging specific to their local market, and you can ensure that assets in all markets comply with your brand guidelines. Conduit makes it easy to set up and pre-approve templates for a wide range of collateral pieces, then allow users to customize specific areas with personalized messaging and contact information. Never again will you have to worry about a customer receiving communication that doesn’t reflect your strategy.

3. Comprehensive reporting

Data is king in the today’s marketing world, and if you’re not taking full advantage, you’re missing out. After all, you can plan and strategize all you want, but without concrete evidence that your strategy is working (or not working), you’re essentially taking a shot in the dark. Marketing asset management tools can change that.

Whether you want a broad overview of your marketing performance or a more in-depth analysis, Conduit has the answer. By continually tracking usage and success rates for your marketing pieces in Conduit, you can determine which aspects of your campaign deserve more of your attention – and which ones you should move away from. Easy-to-analyze graphs and charts give you valuable feedback in seconds, and the user interface makes it easy to share these insights with your team.

4. Reduced frustration from your sales team

You can’t get the most out of your marketing asset management tool unless your local producers are taking full advantage. That means utilizing the templates you’ve created, choosing the proper fulfillment method and tracking the results of each piece. Conduit is designed to make all of these tasks quick and easy.

While training your team on any marketing asset management tool will involve a little trial-and-error, Conduit offers the assistance you need to get all of your users up to speed. With a library of training videos and customer support representatives standing by to help, you’ll have plenty of resources to simplify the transition and ensure a smooth process down the road.

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