Software as a Service (SaaS) products are powerful tools that any business can utilize. This rapidly growing form of software has helped companies around the world reach new heights and shatter sales goals. The software typically has four key features:

  1. Access anywhere, and anytime 
    SaaS is web-based. This means you can log onto your software anywhere you have internet access. No matter what computer or device you use, your software will be waiting. With this convenient access, it doesn’t matter if you left your laptop at the office. Simply log in wherever you are to enjoy full access to all of your marketing materials.
  2. Adjustable settings
    Personalize your company’s settings or allow employees to have full access to every feature. SaaS allows you to choose just what you need to get the job done. Since all employees have their own accounts, each one is tailored to offer just what they need.
  3. No maintenance
    Since SaaS products are centrally hosted, your IT team gets the day off. There is no hardware to maintain and nothing to install. The host handles all troubleshooting issues, making SaaS tools especially easy to implement in companies of any size.
  4. Scales to meet your needs
    Adding a new employee is as simple as inputting a new username. There is nothing to install and no hassle. As you grow, so will your software – SaaS makes it easy for you to develop and expand your business.

As a SaaS product, Conduit makes it simple for you to give your employees the powerful tools they need to develop effective marketing pieces. To learn more about what this valuable resource can do for your business, contact us today.

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