Your marketing campaigns are fine, right? They’re certainly not perfect, but things are going great for the most part. There’s really not any room for improvement, and they couldn’t possibly be any more efficient.

If all of the above is true, congratulations – you’re the first marketer to ever perfect the process. For the rest of us, marketing asset management systems are creating new opportunities for efficiency and productivity. So take a close look at your marketing processes. What are your biggest headaches each day? What frustrations have your team voiced? Here are four common complaints we hear, and four solutions a marketing asset management system can offer.

1. Your corporate office is spending too much time creating marketing materials for local offices.

As a marketer, your focus should be on building your brand and developing new marketing campaigns. You can’t be expected to also act as an effective designer or creative wizard. After all, the more time you spend building templates, searching for logos and downloading images, the less time you have for doing what you do best.

Marketing asset management systems can help. Conduit, for example, allows you to build beautiful, customizable templates for your local producers to use, all in just a few minutes. Drag-and-drop tools make it easy to create postcards, flyers, emails, promotional materials, and much more. Just choose your colors, upload your company’s logo, and build a library of images and copy. Your local users can then personalize the materials for their markets, with special offers and contact information. Meanwhile, you can free up your time to tackle the rest of your to-do list.

2. Your sales people can’t find the material they need.

With the convenience of today’s technology comes the potential for chaos. You’ve probably experienced plenty of days where your sales team is scrambling to locate a particular image, logo, or file. Or maybe they’ve inadvertently sent an outdated version of a postcard or brochure, costing your company time and money.

Conduit allows you to maximize efficiency within your marketing processes and eliminate the chance of mistakes. Cloud storage allows users to locate every marketing asset you’ve made available, all in a few clicks. No longer will you have to worry about accidentally reusing old files or losing important photos. Just log in and start creating.

3. Your brand is being represented differently across the country and across marketing channels.

No two customers are the same. And depending on your company’s size, you may find yourself marketing to vastly different demographics. Accordingly, you may find your local sales teams customizing their marketing materials, tailoring messaging, colors and images to fit their markets. But what does that mean for the brand you’ve worked so hard to develop and protect?

Conduit’s simple functionality gives your local teams the freedom to personalize marketing materials while ensuring that all assets follow your brand standards. You maintain control over the creation of each piece, as well as the customization permissions. Your marketing materials will retain a sense of cohesion and consistency, and your local sales teams will have the freedom to market directly to their customers.

4. Your corporate office doesn’t have visibility on what materials are being used.

Are you keeping track of how your local sales teams are marketing to their customers? Or are you simply trusting that they’re deploying the materials you send them each month? If you aren’t utilizing detailed data to oversee your campaigns and monitor usage, it’s time to start.

With Conduit, you can see which users are utilizing which marketing assets, as well as the fulfillment options they choose. A detailed reporting dashboard gives you instant feedback at a glance, empowering you to make informed decisions and tweak your campaigns as needed.

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