Managing your marketing asset management software the right way can mean the difference between running effective campaigns and spinning your wheels. These tools are giving incredible marketing power to today’s companies, but the smartest marketers are taking the time to fully understand the capabilities of their chosen software and communicate these benefits to their teams. After all, if you’ve made the investment in a marketing asset management tool, wouldn’t it make sense to make sure you’re getting the maximum ROI?

Conduit is designed to make that process easy from day one. With a wide range of features and tools, Conduit offers unmatched marketing power without the hassle. If you’re ready to take the plunge and maximize efficiency across all your marketing campaigns, we’re here to help. Here are five recommendations for managing Conduit and creating successful marketing assets your local producers will love:

1. Utilize customer support

While we love showing off the features and benefits Conduit is offering to companies nationwide, we’re especially proud of our customer support team, as well as the wide range of resource materials we provide to users. Our goal is to provide you with answers to your questions and assistance for any project – all in a timely, efficient manner.

With your Conduit subscription, you’ll find a full library of training videos designed to walk you through the software’s features and address commonly-asked questions. Need in-person training? We’d be happy to set it up for your company, whether for corporate-level users only or entire teams. Plus, your customer support representative is always just a call away, ready to address any issues you may have.

2. Give appropriate access to users

One of Conduit’s most-loved features is the power it offers to marketing managers and corporate-level producers. From asset customization to reporting, you control access for every user, ensuring that the right people are utilizing the right features on a daily basis.

As you implement Conduit in your business, take time to assess your users and their role within the company. Corporate users will likely have a higher level of access to features than local-level users. This will allow you to lock certain tools and features for lower-level employees to protect brand standards, while still sharing key information and updates to your management team.

3. Create new materials for users to send their customers

By keeping your marketing materials fresh and interesting, you give your local users more marketing power while strengthening your overall brand. After all, individual assets only have so much life. Once customers have trashed your most recent direct mail piece, it’s up to you to keep the communications flowing and get back on their radar.

With drag-and-drop tools, Conduit makes it easy to create new postcards, flyers, emails, and other marketing assets, all of which follow your brand standards. In just a few clicks, you can provide your team with a fresh set of materials they can download and print at any time. Have a flash sale you’d like to promote? Need to issue an important recall? Want to show off your latest product offering? With Conduit, you can do it all in no time.

4. Make appropriate fields customizable within the templates

Do your local sales managers know the correct Pantone color code for your logo? Are they experts in headline writing or proofreading? With Conduit, you can manage and protect your brand standards while allowing your sales teams to focus on what they do best.

When you create a marketing asset in Conduit, you’ll have the option to lock or unlock each section, from the logo to body copy to images. For example, you may choose to lock the logo and headline sections of a particular asset to maintain consistency in all markets. With Conduit, you decide how much freedom to give your users. Allow your teams to personalize messaging and include custom offers, or send an identical piece to all markets while only changing the location and contact information. The power is in your hands.

5. Use all reporting capabilities

With Conduit’s reporting features, you can identify valuable opportunities, track the consumer decision journey, and give useful recommendations to your sales team. Not only can you monitor the performance and ROI of your marketing initiatives, you can see which users are sending which templates – and identify areas where improvement is necessary.

Best of all, Conduit’s reporting capabilities offer flexibility and customization for every user. Need a quick glance? Simply log in and view your dashboard, which features simple, easy-to-understand charts that track your biggest metrics. Want a closer look? Dig deeper with Conduit’s advanced reporting features, then easily share results with key stakeholders in your organization.

While marketing asset management tools are designed to make life easier for marketers, the best results are achieved by those who put in the effort and utilize all of the software’s features. If you’re ready to see what Conduit can do for your business, contact us today for a free demo.

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