Every marketer faces a unique set of challenges. It’s how you face and solve those challenges that makes your company and brand stand out. Each day offers new opportunities to innovate and improve your processes, and new tools are making this possible without overhauling your daily routine.

With the right marketing asset management (MAM) tool, you can maximize efficiency and improve ROI almost instantly. In addition to connecting you with all of your sales people throughout your organization, these tools offer systems for overcoming common mistakes today’s marketers make. Here are four of the biggest “nots” many companies struggle with, and examples of how MAM tools can help.


Many companies have a difficult time measuring the success of a marketing campaign. In fact, according to the 2015 State of Inbound Reports, it’s the top challenge today’s marketers face. But understanding ROI and reporting can help your company analyze the effectiveness of each marketing campaign, allowing you to make changes on the fly and do away with ineffective or underperforming campaigns. In other words, it’s a great way to make sure you’re not wasting time and money.

Conduit’s real-time reporting capabilities allow your corporate offices to track the performance of individual users, templates or locations with just a few clicks. Get a broad overview of your campaigns or more in-depth reports you can send to your company’s executives, analysts and stakeholders. Features such as dashboards, easily downloadable reports and automated report emails make it simple to monitor ROI and get the most out of your efforts.


As you find success in marketing your company and begin to create more assets, you run the risk of overloading your servers with files. Your local sales professionals may waste valuable time each week simply trying to locate specific templates or documents, rather than focusing on more important tasks. And in turn, you may see an influx of emails from frustrated team members asking for your help.

Cut the clutter and simplify the process. With Conduit, all of your materials will be housed in one place, easily accessible from any device. You can set permissions to allow or deny access to specific users, ensuring that the right materials are being used by the right people. Plus, users can take advantage of Conduit’s easy-to-use search tools, allowing them to quickly locate exactly what they’re looking for.


Unless you’re offering free $100 bills, you can’t just send a mass mailing to every customer in your database and expect a strong response. Sending the wrong information to the wrong group of people could do more than ruin a sale – it could potentially ruin your relationship with potential customers and damage your overall brand.

With Conduit, you can increase overall performance by customizing materials to fit recipients. Once you’ve created and approved templates, you can set customizable fields your local producers can edit. From including a special offer to advertising new store hours to simply thanking valuable customers, users can find just the right message and images to fit their needs. Conduit can even segment mail lists to target specific messages to specific audiences.


You can’t simply subscribe to a MAM tool and expect your team to learn on the fly. As you begin using the tool, allow for a trial-and-error period where your users can learn one feature at a time, from downloading templates to modifying images and content. Offer assistance when needed and exercise patience, keeping in mind that your efforts will pay off in the long run.

As a subscriber to Conduit, you’ll receive unmatched support for your entire team. You’ll find a full library of easy-to-follow training videos your team can use to learn and begin using new features. Plus, our customer support representatives are here to answer any questions, listen to your needs, and tailor Conduit’s functionality just for you. We can even set up an in-office training session for your team. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.


No marketer is perfect, but with a MAM tool, you can improve your processes and increase your effectiveness as you work to develop your brand. You can even avoid mistakes and overcome your biggest challenges. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today for a free demo of Conduit, the MAM tool designed by marketers, for marketers.

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