When you implement an out-of-the-box distributed marketing solution, occasionally you find that, rather than resolving your marketing challenges, your “solution” brings with it a host of its own issues. You find yourself battling dwindling usage among your local affiliates who aren’t motivated to continue using the product. You discover your system doesn’t come with the flexibility or functionality options you had hoped for. Or, quite simply, you aren’t receiving the support you need to get the most out of your system.

What do you do when the honeymoon is over and you start to see usability or support problems you didn’t anticipate? Rather than swearing off distributed marketing systems altogether or watching your ROI diminish on a product that isn’t performing, you may be ready to explore an alternative.

Conduit™ is a proprietary distributed marketing solution developed by The frank Agency. Within this system you can find the answer to many of the challenges posed by other solutions, from poor user adoption rates to a lack of flexibility and beyond.

We’ve compiled some of the top pain points companies often experience with their distributed marketing solutions and how Conduit aims to rectify these issues – so you can achieve a better hold on your marketing future.


Now, for clarity’s sake, we’re not talking about customizing assets here. We’re talking about the system. Most distributed marketing solutions offer some level of customization – be it the dashboard display or just the skin of the site itself. You want a customized, branded environment to house your assets so your end users are better able to stay on their marketing track and be immersed in the brand, even as they develop their own local marketing materials.

However, customization too often stops here, at the purely cosmetic aspects of your solution.

When it comes to actual functionality and fulfillment options, distributed marketing solutions have the tendency to be very one-size-fits-all. This doesn’t offer any room for your company to tailor the solution to suit your needs. For example, if certain assets require specific fulfillment, you can’t just add that caveat into your system. In short, an out-of-the-box marketing solution is designed for the masses. You need a solution that is designed for you.

Out-of-the-box marketing solutions are created to suit the masses. But shouldn’t your solution be designed specifically for you?

Conduit provides a wide variety of fulfillment and functionality options that can be customized. Then, when you roll out your system to your users, you have a solution that “understands” your brand-specific requirements and fulfillment needs, all the while integrating with your current systems to provide you with a complete marketing solution that fits seamlessly into your day-to-day marketing operations.


In an ideal world, implementing your distributed marketing solution would make life simpler. You set up the system, have your users do some training, then they pick up the ball and run with it. Marketing is created and distributed locally with ease.

Unfortunately, reality shows us a bit of a different picture.

Oftentimes it goes more like so: You set up your system and have your users undergo training. They make use of it for a few weeks – or maybe even a few months. But after a while, due to lack of ongoing training or lack of interest (or both), eventually the system is forgotten and unused.

This creates a frustrating situation for you as a company, investing your time and resources into a distributed marketing solution to streamline and increase marketing efficacy, only to see the same marketing mishaps being repeated.

Poor adoption and engagement is the bane of many distributed marketing solutions. But systems like Conduit have an advantage: heavy-hitting enrollment campaigns and engagement strategies.

Conduit comes with a support network of marketing professionals (more on this to come) who personally keep in touch with your users to first get them enrolled in your marketing program, and to ensure they receive ongoing training and aid.

With ongoing training and support, you can keep your users engaged and prevent the all-too-common fallout that offen occurs with standalone distributed marketing solutions.

This personal support element keeps your users excited and engaged by your solution because they are better able to understand exactly how to use it to its maximum effectiveness. With the help of customized strategies and continual training updates, your users regularly learn more about Conduit and are therefore not only retained – but eventually become expert users who develop their own campaigns with ease.


Now, a little more on the support end. Your distributed marketing solution no doubt comes with support. But is it marketing support?

Many of these software solutions are heavy on tech support to assist with troubleshooting or technical issues. Where Conduit has the edge is in its marketing support team.

Conduit was built by marketers, for marketers. This means its support team is made up of individuals that are not just experts in the system – they’re experts in marketing strategy. They create campaign tactics and can even handle development and implementation, so your users never feel like they’re flying blind. Users can turn to Conduit support at any point in their marketing process for input and advice on how to conduct their campaign, or for help with fulfillment or other development issues. It’s this support system that provides you with everything you need to get the most out of Conduit and your distributed marketing assets.


Flexibility. Customization. Advanced Support. Conduit offers all the elements you need to see a strong ROI and better marketing performance.

Your distributed marketing solution should be more than just software. It needs to be an ever-evolving entity accompanied by a human support team. With advanced customization options, dedicated marketing support, and the flexibility you need to accomplish your goals, Conduit goes beyond the basic platform to deliver superior marketing solutions and better ROI.

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