Take a second to consider your daily routine. About how much time do you spend each week searching for work documents or sifting through your email to find important correspondence? According to, U.S. employees waste more than two hours a week finding, sharing and storing documents. How much more productive could you be with that extra time?

Sales departments are the ones that suffer most from all of this wasted effort. Consistently getting in front of decision-makers to present their company’s product or service offering and make a sale requires a high level of productivity with no time to spare. Yet many sales reps spend too much of their valuable time searching for information and resources to successfully aid in their new business efforts and increase their profitability.

What if all of the information, communication and marketing materials were housed in one spot? What if sales reps could focus on making deals instead of combing through network files and emails in order to complete a creative request? What if the entire process could be streamlined? Now, it can.

Many of the most successful companies around the world have implemented marketing asset management systems to increase productivity while maintaining brand control across all channels. These systems are designed to provide a centralized marketing asset location where any employee with permission can gain access to them. This can drastically reduce time spent searching and sharing the documents between departments, fostering an improvement in collaboration.

Conduit is a web-based marketing asset management (MAM) tool that can help you streamline your marketing and sales efforts and increase your ROI. With Conduit, you can gain time back in your day, save your company money and help your local sales teams become more profitable. Start increasing your company’s marketing effectiveness today with a free demo.

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