Direct Mail Solutions

With Conduit, you have the power to manage the entire direct mail marketing process from beginning to end. Our easy-to-use template generator allows you to create custom direct mail pieces with imagery and messaging that reflect your brand strategy. Choose our triggered marketing service for automatic fulfillment based on your specific campaign needs, or use on demand ordering for a more hands-on approach. And with multiple fulfillment options, you’re sure to find a solution that fits your business.

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  • Protect your brand – Maintain brand compliance while allowing local sales reps to customize materials
  • Create materials quickly – Deliver time-sensitive offers and make last-minute changes with ease
  • Offer creative freedom – Allow your team creativity without jeopardizing brand guidelines
  • Maximize efficiency – Save time and money by versioning direct mail materials
  • Print on demand – Ensure accurate offers and integrated, up-to-date inventory thanks to quick, print on demand turnarounds
  • Use targeted messaging – Give your sales team the most effective tool to connect with customers
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