Fulfillment Solutions

Whether your lead generation efforts are consumer-focused or business-to-business, Conduit’s diverse fulfillment options are a snap. Automatically manage printing and shipment with the print on demand feature, or download projects to your desktop and manage fulfillment independently. You can even manage relationships with third-party printers to further streamline project management.

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  • Create custom fulfillment – Tailor your fulfillment method to match the size and needs of your campaign
  • Print on demand – Avoid warehousing expired collateral and get materials to your markets faster by printing on demand
  • Use multiple vendors – Maintain established relationships with third-party vendors
  • Email a PDF – Create innovative promotional approaches through PDF attachments
  • Download to your desktop – Complete smaller projects in-house to save time and money
  • Manage reports – Retain an accurate log of your prior fulfillment activities
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