Increased Marketing Productivity

How much time do you spend each week trying to please everyone on your marketing team and fulfill custom requests? No two minds are alike, so getting a team of people to agree on something is often a minor miracle.

With that in mind, we set out to create a collaborative, easy-to-use tool that makes local marketing as simple as marketing to the masses. Now you can spend less time making round after round of creative revisions while also giving your sales team the freedom to speak directly to their customers.

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With Conduit, you develop templates for marketing materials that give your users a place to start, and then give them the tools to customize everything else. You can maintain as much control over your brand identity and the design of each piece as you need. In turn, all the custom requests you had been getting are now placed back in the hands of those who wanted them in the first place.

You gain time back in your day. Your company saves money. And your local sales team becomes more effective. Everyone wins.

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