Promotional Marketing Solutions

Looking for personalized solutions and brand recognition? When you create your company’s promotional materials through Conduit, you can reap the benefits of both. You’ll have the ability to grant your sales team access to a toolbox with approved marketing and promotional templates, so it’s easier than ever to protect your brand identity – and make sure your corporate messaging is communicated accurately and consistently.

With Conduit, no design experience is necessary to create impressive, effective marketing and promotional pieces. Once you’ve built it, your team can simply log in and tailor your branded templates to fit their offer and audience. You’ll empower your sales team by equipping them to provide customers with targeted, customized offers.

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  • Ensure brand consistency – Maintain brand compliance across all promotional materials, from flyers and brochures to drink ware and other giveaway items
  • Shorten turnaround times – Simplify inventory management thanks to quick, print-on-demand turnarounds
  • Operate efficiently – Save on warehouse costs by generating promotion items on demand
  • Empower your sales team – Give your team the power to customize materials without jeopardizing brand guidelines
  • View comprehensive reports – Track the most popular promotional items among your sales team with our reporting and dashboard features, which are integrated into the ordering process
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