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Conduit Edge Marketing Digital Solutions

Distributed Marketing

If you need to advertise for a company with a geographically distributed network of dealers, franchises, chains or brokers, we have the solution. Conduit allows you to save time and oversee your entire operation, all in one place. In addition to saving time and maximizing efficiency, you’ll be able to oversee the results of every piece you send, allowing you to maximize ROI and tweak your efforts.

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Conduit Edge Marketing Digital Solutions

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

As marketers, we know how difficult it can be to keep your assets organized and easily accessible. Digital asset management streamlines the marketing process, allowing you to store all of your materials in one place and provide users a single resource library. Never again will you send frantic, last-minute emails in hopes of finding a lost file – simply log in to your library and find what you need.

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Conduit Edge Marketing Digital Solutions

Marketing Asset Management

Don’t let a bare portfolio lead to meager marketing efforts. With our easy drag-and-drop tools, you can create a robust set of assets, including direct mail, promotional materials, and email marketing. You’ll be able to provide your local sales teams with customizable pieces they can use to market directly to their customers – all of which will follow the brand standards you’ve created.

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