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Multiple Fulfillment Options:

Conventional marketing can place a real strain on time and resources – and often, it misses the mark with audiences. Conduit makes it easier than ever to protect your brand identity while your sales team delivers targeted, strategic messaging to the customers you want to reach most. You’ll have access to a toolbox with approved marketing material templates, as well as multiple fulfillment and reporting options, giving you the flexibility and control you need. Plus, our web-based system means that you can access all of your materials anytime, anywhere.

Conduit Edge Marketing Digital Solutions


All brands are unique, but every brand can still reap incredible benefits through Conduit. Every size, every sector, from healthcare to hardware, can keep their sales funnel full while maintaining complete brand control.

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Conduit Edge Marketing Digital Solutions

The Conduit Edge

There are plenty of marketing asset management (MAM) solutions that claim to deliver big returns. So what makes Conduit different? It’s not just the ease and simplicity of creating marketing materials in just a few clicks. And it’s not just the cloud storage system that allows you to log on from anywhere. In fact, the biggest benefit is one that can be measured in dollars and cents.

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Conduit Edge Marketing Digital Solutions

Increased Productivity

Chances are, you’re spending too much of your valuable time juggling requests from your marketing team and reviewing every piece that comes across your desk. With Conduit, you can take back those valuable hours by empowering your sales team to market directly to their customers using brand-appropriate materials you’ve approved.

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Conduit Edge Marketing Digital Solutions

Maximum Brand Control

Your sales team may deliver great results, but you’re the marketing and branding expert. That’s why Conduit puts you in control of creating brand-appropriate templates with varying levels of customization. You choose what your users are allowed to modify, from headlines and body copy to photos and accent colors – all in a few easy clicks.

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Conduit Edge Marketing Digital Solutions

Simplicity and Flexibility

A good Software as a Service (SaaS) product should make your life easier, not force you to spend time installing the program or downloading updates. With Conduit, we’ll take care of the technical side, allowing you to put your focus where it belongs – on your marketing strategy. Plus, our cloud-based format means you can access Conduit anytime, anywhere.

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Conduit Edge Marketing Digital Solutions

Multiple Fulfillment Options

At Conduit, we believe in the power of choice. Once you’ve created your marketing materials, you can select from a variety of fulfillment options to meet the size and needs of your campaign. Print on demand, send your materials to a third-party printer, or even manage fulfillment independently. And with Conduit’s extensive reporting features, you can keep track of all your fulfillment activities.

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Conduit Edge Marketing Digital Solutions


These days, data is king. With Conduit’s in-depth reporting features, you can assess your marketing efforts to find your best-performing assets. Easily download and distribute reports in a variety of formats, and automatically distribute the information to key stakeholders. View your dashboard for an overview at a glance, or manipulate interactive reports to forecast sales.

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Conduit Edge Marketing Digital Solutions

Easy Lead Management

Your prospect lists are a potential gold mine, and should be treated as such. With Conduit’s easy-to-use marketing asset management tools, you can maintain customer service lists, segment and filter your audience and determine the most effective lead generation approaches. Plus, we make it easy to integrate your existing CRM account into Conduit, allowing you to manage all of your lists in one place.

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Conduit Edge Marketing Digital Solutions

About Us

Conduit was developed by marketing professionals, for marketing professionals. We understand the challenges of the industry and have spent the last three decades finding innovative solutions. Our experience and expertise helped mold Conduit into the groundbreaking product it is today. And it’s what will help you take your marketing plan to the next level.

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